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Excessive water damage from burst pipe in Pasadena home

4/2/2020 (Permalink)

After tear out of damaged floor and drywall SERVPRO of San Gabriel technicians tore out water damaged floor and drywall

Old plumbing and leaky appliances around the house aren’t out to get you, but sometimes it seems that way. The weather plays a part too with winter freezes that burst pipes and spring rains that flood basements.

SERVPRO of San Gabriel cleanup and restoration teams have seen it all here in San Gabriel valley and the surrounding cities. his water emergency is confined to cold months, but you have to be prepared. In this Pasadena home a pipe burst causing flooding to the throughout the house.  Pipes can freeze and rupture in just a few hours, and the flooding can soak the house from ceiling to basement. 

In most cases, the damage caused by a water pipe burst will make it easy to locate the section that needs repairs. However, it can be difficult to access the burst pipe if it’s in a wall or ceiling.

The section of the water pipe that bursts will need to cut out and replaced. Make sure that the new water pipe is properly in place and not leaking before proceeding with your restoration efforts.

While you can technically repair a burst water pipe at any stage of the water restoration process, it’s easiest to do once you have cleaned up the majority of the damage.

The Basics of Mold Remediation | SERVPRO® of San Gabriel

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

If water damage occurs in a home or commercial property, there is a good chance that mold growth is likely to follow. In fact, mold begins growing within 48 hours of exposure to moisture.

Knowing your next steps when faced with a mold issue is very important, which is why we’re discussing mold remediation in this blog.

Why Mold Remediation?

You’ve probably seen ads for mold remediation and ads that promise mold removal, but mold removal is a fallacy. Removing all mold from a home or business is simply impossible. A qualified restoration company will focus on mold remediation, setting a goal for bringing mold levels back to a normal and natural range.

It is true that mold spores are a natural occurrence everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. They only create a problem when a minor mold issue is left untreated and then it turns into a major mold infestation.

During a mold remediation, the professional technicians isolate all contaminated areas, either by closing all doors and windows or completely and effectively sealing off all doorways and openings with a polyethylene sheeting, dependent on the level of remediation. Dust in the contaminated areas is then suppressed through misting.

Plastic bags are used to remove and discard wet and mold-damaged materials. All areas exposed to and affected by the mold are then thoroughly cleaned and dried. Sometimes, a HEPA vacuum will be used to help remove contamination and debris.

The mold area will then be treated with a biocide, and the technicians will leave it to sit overnight to allow it sufficient time to kill the mold spores. The following day, the mold remediation crew will return to encapsulate the affected area and beyond.

What to Do If You Suspect a Mold Issue

If you suspect your home or business may have a mold problem, you’ll want to act quickly. It is time to contact the professionals if, upon evaluation of the size of the problem, it is found that the mold has affected more than 10 square feet.

It is important that any professional company you hire be highly trained and certified in areas like:

  • Applied microbial remediation
  • Water damage restoration
  • Applied structural drying

Many home and business owners have successfully resolved some minor mold issues on their own, but the safest way is to always use a professional mold remediation company to get the quickest resolution to the problem.

At SERVPRO® of San Gabriel, our mold damage specialists are trained and certified experts in mold remediation. If your home or business is experiencing a mold issue, contact us to begin the mold remediation process.

The Causes and Prevention of Winter House Fires | SERVPRO® of San Gabriel

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

As the days become shorter and the temperatures become lower, the number of house fire occurrences begin to increase.

Winter sees the highest number of house fires each year, with several season-specific factors contributing to their increase. By understanding what causes this increase, individuals can better prepare themselves to prevent it and have a safe cold-weather season.

Causes for the Increase in House Fires

An Increase in Cooking
The most common cause of house fires in America is repeatedly found to be cooking, and this holds true for the winter months as well. There are many more baked goods, elaborate meals and group-cooking events that occur in the winter, which are likely to contribute to this increase.

The Risk of Heaters
Imploring the use of extra heating methods in addition to a home’s central heat can save money, but it is important to take additional safety precautions in order to prevent the fire risk from increasing. Errors from heaters and fireplaces account for the second-highest amount of fires during the wintertime, so taking precautions are key.

Candles and Decorations
Decorations for the holiday season are a fun way to spread holiday cheer but can lead to fire hazards of their own. Electrical decor such as strings of lights should always be inspected for fraying or overheating. Candles, also common during the wintertime, should be treated with caution in case of the spreading of the open flame to other surfaces.

Prevention of Winter Fires

Understanding why winter fires occur is an important part of knowing how to prevent them. By utilizing these fire safety tips and exercising caution when cooking, warming and adding decor to your home, you will be able to stay safe all season:

  • Check smoke alarms once every 30 days and replace every 10 years.
  • Always monitor open flames.
  • Select space heaters with automatic shut-offs in case they tip over.
  • Utilize a screen every time you use a fireplace.
  • Draft and practice an emergency escape plan with your household.

If your home has been impacted by a fire, call us right away. We are leaders in restoration and can help you recover quickly after a fire occurs.

Severe water damage in West Covina, CA

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

A severe case of water damage occurred in West Covina, California home that was brought to the attention of SERVPRO San Gabriel. Burst pipe in kitchen had been left unattended for months before getting in contact with SERVPRO San Gabriel. The home owner had reached out to local plummer and had the pipe patched up but never correctly repaired.  The unresolved damage resulted into hot water sitting in the floor and the walls which resulted into mold growth. The amount of fungus that had grown in the home was ridiculous. There was a handful of mold spores and the home reaked of mold the day of initial inspection. When SERVPRO of San Gabriel technicians arrived they discovered mushrooms growing from kitchen baseboards. The amount of fungus that had accumulated in the home was disgusting. Luckily SERVPRO of San Gabriel technicians are extremely experienced and trained on the cleaning and removal and how to treat these affected areas. The homeowner and his wife explained that they travel a lot and when returning home from a recent trip they smelled the mold and saw the wet areas that would not dry. "Thank you SERVPRO, for cleaning and removing all the mold and water damage from our home. Thank you so much!"

Massive fire in Arcadia, CA

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Electrical fire resulted into burnt down home in Arcadia, Ca. Luckily for the homeowner no one was in the home at the time of the fire. The fire began in the kitchen and spread throughout the rest of the first floor of the home. Household fires are extremely devastating especially if they aren't contained or dealt with quickly. The kitchen is the most common place for a fire to begin. Your stove and your oven are two big potential fire sources because they generate a lot of heat whether it be from gas or electricity. Some contributing factors that can trigger a kitchen fire are technical malfunctions, cleanliness, gas ovens and electrical ovens. In this case the fire was caused from a faulty socket that the stove was plugged into causing the circuit breaker to spark and ignite flames. SERVPRO of San Gabriel technicians worked thoroughly they came and cleaned up and removed affected area. The home owner couldn't be anymore pleased. His exact words where; "Thank you SERVPRO, thank you for servicing my home and leaving it as good as new. More beautiful than ever before."

Massive fire damage in El Monte, CA

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

One of the next most common causes of residential fires is electrical malfunction. Though it may seem like electrical malfunction is unavoidable, there are a number of bad habits that can be corrected to better your chances of escaping this catastrophe. Unfortunately for the residents of this El Monte apartment building this was definitely unavoidable. The cause of the fire still remains unknown, but after inspection it is seeming that it was more than likely a faulty cord or power socket. Here are tips to help avoid and or prevent electrical fires:

  • Make sure all electric outlets are "up to par," not loose, wired properly and covered when not in use
  • Make sure you never use a cable where the third ground prong has been removed
  • Never use extension cords as permanent solutions and make sure all permanent cords are in-tact and not frayed or damaged

Be aware and be careful and always make sure cords do not have wiring exposed prior to use.

Commercial water damage in Monterey Park

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Although strong storms can inflict major structural damages, business owners should understand that inclement weather isn’t the only cause of floods and other water-related catastrophes. High levels of moisture, damaged sewer lines, plumbing leaks and other accidents can all result in severe commercial water damage.

If you are a business owner or manager, it’s smart to be aware of the different problems that can lead to indoor flooding and other water disasters. By familiarizing yourself with the four most common causes of commercial water damage you’ll be able to mitigate them properly before things get out of hand

1. Damaged Pipes and Plumbing

Your building’s plumbing system carries large volumes of water each day so if it gets damaged, you can expect water to flood into the workplace.

2. Malfunctioning Sprinkler Systems

There’s no question that your sprinkler system will come in handy during a fire emergency. However, if the sprinklers are outdated, they can cause damage to your building.

3. Broken Appliances and Equipment

Water heaters, dishwashers, clothes washers, and many other appliances can experience problems that may cause them to leak.

4. Backed Up Toilets and Sewer Lines

Backed up sewer and toilet water contains a host of microbes and toxic substances that can cause health problems. Contaminated water can also ruin the quality of your belongings and pollute the air.

Leak caused by sewage line in Temple City, Ca

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

The sewage line in Temple city is backed up and resulted into excessive water damage to business office. A blockage can occur in a city sanitary main. If the blockage is not detected in time, sewage from the main can back up into homes and businesses through floor drains. Usually this happens slowly, giving the owner time to call a licensed plumber to assess the damage. If water is entering your basement at a rapid rate, call the city public works office and report the problem immediately so that a city operator can investigate. A sewer backup can lead to disease, destruction of your valuables, damage to your house or business, and can even result in electrical malfunctions. Prompt cleanup of the affected property can help minimize the inconvenience and prevent mold and further damage. In the event of sewer backup, immediately arrange for the cleanup of your property. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted to clean and treat the affected areas throughout the office.

A Guide to Home Damages From Flooding | SERVPRO® of San Gabriel

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Though flooding once was a concern only for those in low-lying regions, even other areas are now at risk due to the rising frequency of floods throughout the country. For homeowners, this means that making preparations is a wise choice no matter where you’re located.

Floods vary in type and severity, so the damage they can cause is variable as well. In an attempt to give homeowners an idea of what to expect, we’ve put together a guide for the most common types of damages that can result from flooding.

Flood Damage That Is Common in Homes

Foundational Damage. Your home’s foundation sits upon the soil below, meaning that soil can affect how sturdy it is. When a flood rolls through and oversaturates the ground below, it can cause the ground to shift and swell, leading to movement within the foundation.

Drywall Damage and Mold. Because of how well drywall can conceal a mold problem, experts recommend replacing any water-damaged drywall after a flood, even if it is fine in appearance.

Insulation Saturation. Most insulation can absorb water if the walls around it become soaked through, making it a prime spot for both water damage and mold growth. Some types of insulation are non-absorbent, so having a professional assess your damage is key.

Temporary Frame Swelling. The frame of a home is of solid construction, so as long as the foundation is stable, it generally will remain so as well. While the lumber may swell, once it is thoroughly dried out, it should return to its previous structural integrity.

Appliance Ruining. The appliances that trap heat or cold within them can become waterlogged due to the insulation they contain, but not every oven or freezer is built this way. Always get an expert opinion before using or throwing out appliances that have been impacted by a flood so you know what is safe.

Furniture Damage. While some furniture will survive a flood with a thorough cleaning, others might be better off being replaced due to health concerns. Typically materials such as solid wood and metal will be able to be salvaged, while pieces such as upholstery and mattresses might have to be tossed.

If your home has been affected by a flood, we’ll be here to help you! Give us a call 247 to learn about our certified flood restoration process.

Hoarding in Arcadia, CA

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

06/21/2019 This women had been hoarding items for the past five years, she wouldn't let anyone into the home.

A massive hoarding issue was brought to the attention of SERVPRO San Gabriel. Property owners and concerned children contacted SERVPRO of San Gabriel when discovering their mother had a hoarding issue. Many issues arise when hoarding is discovered. The reason being is that items that are being hoarded can harbor mold, bacteria and pest that contribute to property damage and make the living space unsanitary. With that being said our customer reached out to SERVPRO of San Gabriel when he discovered through a Yelp search that we offer cleaning services as well as mold removal and or any plumbing damage. When technicians arrived to the site to begin cleanup there was vermin infestation as well as mold growth and water damage under most piles of items. SERVPRO had a significant amount of work to restore this property, the home owner was more than thrilled with the result. He said, " I haven't seen this house this clean or been able to be in here more than five minutes in years." "Thank you SERVPRO of San Gabriel for all the work you put into restoring and saving my property from further damage."