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Storm damage in Lancaster, CA

Strong Santa Ana winds and heavy rains resulted into water damage in a Lancaster, California home. The property owner is a customer that has worked with SERVPRO... READ MORE

Water damage Alhamba, CA hotel

There was severe water damage in an Alhambra, CA hotel. The initial cause of water damage is still unknown. SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted by management b... READ MORE

Massive leak causing water damage in Arcadia home

A massive leak occurred in Arcadia home. The property owner reached out to SERVPRO San Gabriel after being referred. When the home owner reached out to SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Burnt bathroom in Pasadena, CA

Pasadena home under went a fire. The cause of the fire still remains unknown. The home owner of this Pasadena home contacted SERVPRO San Gabriel after doing res... READ MORE

Strong winds, heavy rain in Pasadena, CA

Strong Santa Ana winds and heavy rain caused damage to the side panels of this Pasadena home. A mixture of the wind and heavy rain resulted in the side panels l... READ MORE

Stong Santa Ana winds in Pasadena, CA

Heavy Santa Ana winds and heavy rain caused major damage to property owners roof and vehicle. Strong winds and heavy storm resulted to a tree falling on the roo... READ MORE

House fire in Pamona, CA

This damaged bathroom is just a part of the result of a house fire. The home owners dryer caught on fire causing damage to the rest of the house. According to h... READ MORE

Strong winds & rain in Palmdale, CA

Strong winds and heavy rain in Palmdale, CA caused leaks throughout the home. Our customer was referred to SERVPRO of San Gabriel through a friend that we worke... READ MORE

House fire in Alhambra, CA

Alhambra home catches on fire. Homeowners do not know what caused the fire since there wasn't anybody in their home at the time. SERVPRO of San Gabriel worked w... READ MORE

Office flood in Pasadena, CA

This flooded office in Pasadena, Ca is the result of a broken pipe. Property owner stated the this burst pipe was fixed twice before through a local plumming se... READ MORE