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Guest House Fire Arcadia, CA

SERVPRO San Gabriel responding to a post fire incident in Arcadia, CA.  We're on the Job and working with the home owner and insurance company. 

Costly Water Damage in Arcadia, CA.

Recently, SERVPRO of San Gabriel had the privilege of helping the owner of this beautiful multi-million dollar home in Arcadia. The water leak occurred in the bathroom and wasn't detected until the owners returned from their vacation. The damage was significant, but we were able to dry out the area and prepare it for the subsequent repair. 

We Are Professional Restoration Team

Every job our team went, SERVPRO of San Gabriel try to organized as possible as trained. No matter Water restoration, Fire restoration, Storm restoration, or mold remediation, SERVPRO of San Gabriel make sure to organized customer's belonging for the convenience of customer after the restoration job has done!

Water Proof Wood Floor VS. Lack of Maintenance

SERVPRO of San Gabriel got a call in Rowland Heights for water restoration. Owner just change water proof wood floor an year ago, but he never maintenance his piping; unfortunately, the supply line burst. The water proof wood floor, that is not so water proof, is damaged by burst out water. Remember maintenance your home fellows, but if anything happened, Call SERVPRO of San Gabriel we will always happy to take care of your disaster! 

Mushroom grow in Los Angeles Home

SERVPRO of San Gabriel went to a job and saw a mushroom grow on the wood floor. This Los Angeles house got Water leak issue when the home owner went to a vacation. After she came back a small fungus is popped from her wood floor. She called SERVPRO of San Gabriel immediately to help her.

SERVPRO Quick Responds Fire Damage in 626 Night Market in Arcadia

SERVPRO Of San Gabriel restored a Fire Damaged booth at 626 Night Market in Arcadia. The booth caught on fire during their preparing period and our crew quick responded to the owner and help him back to business within 2 and a half hours.

Your home is our home. We care!

Many people think demolition is messy and dirty. As our team doing any restoration, We will always set up containment to keep the job site as clean as possible. This is a water damaged kitchen, and the containment will prevent non-affected area from getting dusty as we doing the demolition. Don't worry, SERVPRO of San Gabriel will never make a mess as we doing the work inside your house, we always serve your home as our own home. SERVPRO of San Gabriel cares about your property.