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Fire Damage Testimonials

I discovered SERVPRO of San Gabriel after a google search. I ended up deciding on them after reading reviews. When I reached out to SERVPRO I was in contact with Eric. He was very nice and very professional. Eric came out to inspect my property after my house under went an electrical fire. The cause still remains unknown. Eric was extremely helpful and very accommodating. Eric came out for inspection the same day of initial contact. After inspection Eric had his technicians come to my property and begin cleaning up the damaged area. I was surprised how fast they completed the work and had my home ready for reconstruction. The technicians did a fabulous job on the remediation and getting my home ready for reconstruction! Thank you SERVPRO of San Gabriel I appreciate you all!

I contacted SERVPRO of San Gabriel after my home caught on fire. I did some internet research and after reading yelp and google reviews I decided to go with SERVPRO. It was honestly the best decision my wife and I could have made. Eric was very professional and more than helpful. He worked closely with me and always kept me in the loop. Eric made it out to our home to take a look at the damage the same day I decided to contact them. Which pleased me even more and showed me how prompt and professional they are. After Eric came out to access the damage he had his technicians come to the house and begin clean up and restoration. I honestly expected a much longer process but was thrilled when I found out they had completed the job in a couple of days. My bathroom looks better than it ever has. They did a great job and I'm very happy with the result. I would recommend SERVPRO of San Gabriel to all! It would be the greatest decision you can make for yourself and your home. Thank you Eric!

I've worked with SERVPRO of San Gabriel before on a different property. I was very pleased with the work they did prior so I didn't hesitate to contact them when my Alhambra property went up in flames. The cause of the house fire still remains unknown. Not only was the fire damage as well as wayer damage from putting out the fire. Derrick was very polite and professional. He made this clean up process and remediation go by very smoothly. The service that Derrick and his team provided was exceptional not only was I thrilled with the results but with how quick and efficient they worked. I'd refer SERVPRO of San Gabriel to all. 

Eric of SERVPRO San Gabriel was very helpful. Him and his crew began to clean the fire debris and repair my  home right away. The day I contacted SERVPRO Eric made time in his schedule for him and his technicians to come do an inspection and begin working right away. After initial clean up SERVPRO of San Gabriel made my bathroom ready for reconstruction. SERVPRO was very professional and time consciousness. The process was way shorter and smoother than I thought it would be. I expected Eric and his team to take at least two weeks to repair my home, but they where done in a few days. I' am thrilled with the results and would recommend SERVPRO to any in need of cleaning/ remediation.  

We had a small kitchen fire caused by plumbers negligence. My insurance broker gave me Erics number form SERVPRO of San Gabriel. Eric responded immediately.  His team did an excellent job. His team thoroughly cleaned my house.  Eric also helped me coordinate with my insurance company documents. My kitchen is brand new kitchen! Great service.

Good Team, fast and responsible.