Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Electrical fire

Massive electrical fire in Pasadena, CA

Beautiful Pasadena home suffered from a massive electrical fire. The stoves wiring had been faulty for years now and finally sparked on fire while homeowner was attempting to bring water in the pot to boil. Faulty and or old appliances are one of the largest cause of house fires. When SERVPRO of San Gabriel was contacted technicians began to clean and treat affected areas, removing all debris and burnt appliances. After clean up and remediation all appliances and cords where checked prior on being up to date before getting put back into the kitchen. Once clean up on affected areas was complete SERVPRO technicians got the home ready to undergo reconstruction. 

Kitchen fire

House fire in Alhambra, Ca

A large kitchen in Alhambra, Ca caught on fire due to a faulty outlet which led to electrical fire. When contacting SERVPRO of San Gabriel the home owner had made technicians aware of the frayed cord that was connected to their stove. The poor wiring of the cord resulted into the stove bursting into high flames that spread throughout the kitchen. SERVPRO was contacted initially to clean up debris from the fire as well as the smoke residue from cabinets and walls as well as the wet areas that put the fire out. After clean up and remediation SERVPRO of San Gabriel got the home ready for reconstruction. 

Burnt stair case

Stair case after fire

Beautiful downtown Los Angeles building underwent electrical fire. The result of that fire was a damaged lobby and burnt down staircase. There was a lot of debris and other damage done to the building that would need a good cleaning and remediation as well.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fire in Arcadia, CA

A massive fire nearly destroys a home. We were able to restore the property and prepare it for re-construction. Fire damage is no match for SERVPRO of San Gabriel. 

fire damaged floor

Guest House Fire Arcadia, CA

SERVPRO San Gabriel responding to a post fire incident in Arcadia, CA.  We're on the Job and working with the home owner and insurance company.  This property required significant clean up and mitigation work in-order to get it ready for reconstruction. 

SERVPRO Quick Responds Fire Damage in 626 Night Market in Arcadia

SERVPRO Of San Gabriel restored a Fire Damaged booth at 626 Night Market in Arcadia. The booth caught on fire during their preparing period and our crew quick responded to the owner and help him back to business within 2 and a half hours.